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my name is rudy, i am a 20-something year old from the PNW, U.S.A. who is continuously trying to learn how to HTML better because i have been doing this for 9 years and it's frightfully harder than it looks. i like art and i love to create; i enjoy world history, various types of animals, and a few select TV shows and games, although i don't watch or play much much anymore. my favorite colors are lime green, yellow, orange, and brown and i am surprised my site did not include more of the very latter. i was born in august, but i enjoy winter far more.

i initially began learning to code as a young kid on deviantART in the earlyish-mid 2010s, but didn't really pick it up till late middle school-throughout high school. self taught, and i learn through example (apologies and hello to those whose code i've taken in snippets throughout the years ;p) i have a lot of things i would like to do i am just so slow, i promise this is not just an about page. lol

fairly reclusive and shy these days online - i currently work between part&full time in retail, and in my free time i devote myself to my projects or spend time with my loved ones and friends. this site is currently (and primarily) an archive for my art/projects and a place to post about whatever may interest me/things i care about & my thoughts. i hope you find something you like here,& thanks much for visiting!!!!!

I'll never tell you what's wrong with me

beetletee (2018-2019) -> seppy (2020-2023) -> 39friend (2023-present)

"Perhaps I’ve been unfair to myself," he observed gloomily, pondering,
perhaps after all I am a man and not a louse ..."

general likes — my original characters, digital/traditional artwork, lime green orange yellow and blue, world/war history/20th century, website creation, old-internet furry culture (true and honest sparkledogs, glamfurs, etc.) fursuiting, character design, religious theming in stories
music — NIИ, various vocaloid producers (maretu, hiiragi kirai, ponkansoup, wada shimon, ghost and pals, weevildoing, tooboe, slave v-v-r, R.I.P., various others i'm probably forgetting), ringo sheena, underscores, machine girl, bjork, alice schach and the magic orchestra, and many more
movies — little miss sunshine, the batman (2022), all quiet on the western front, 1917, monty python and the holy grail, watership down, the producers, chicago, donnie darko
loves — some rpg games (fear and hunger/fear and hunger 2: termina, undertale, whatever else i'm forgetting i don't play games often), internet history, monkeys/apes, rabbits/hares, art, furries, rain/colder weather, art websites (old school DA/sheezy)
hates — scenecore/stuff of that vein, modern internet (seriously where did all the forums and kid-friendly spaces go), over exposure, internet drama, pastel colors, tight/small spaces